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by Sita Ostheimer
Utrecht for me

“A great city is one where people want to go out of their homes. Public space is a magical good, and it never ceases to yield pleasure; we should give it a lot of attention. Public good prevails over private interest. A great city is where we all feel not excluded. The quality of the sidewalks in a city is the most telling thing. Just as a bird needs to fly, fish need to swim and deer need to run, we need to walk.” said Mr. Penalosa

there were chairs ,coffee , smiles , a baby ,food , words ,looks ,talk ,presentations ,food and wine , walks , wonder , beer , bicycles ,breakfast , bicycles , smiles , history , presentations, perfect cut grass , words , food , words , talk , thinking , Hoog Katrijn , salad , yellow bridge ,canals , bicycles ( one stolen) , Rotterdam eeehhh…,Oklahoma and than …..
hm …food , big window bicycle , wine , words , empty places , slaves , sauna , naked , ah…boats…..women , monkeys , hardeballen,..food …and……artists , Dom , wine ,
looooove , wine .

delusional boredom ….with different outcomes

Carmen lives in Utrecht 3night a week.
Her other home is in Huizen , where she has a
light brown sofa , where she reconnects with her mum
and sits on when ever she doesn’t feel like thinking,
but prefers to keep on doing things

Carlyne lives in the Amsterdamse straat ,
where she doesnt have a sofa , and where she hides
her remote control and pretense not to know where she’s put it.
She decided to not have a sofa because it sucks her into the world
of passiveness , so she tries to trick herself to be able to
stay active.

….. delusional disorder…


The crack is in the nature of a human brain .
Reacting to boredom ,
Trying to make sense ,
obsession with perfection ,
escaping ,

…. analyst or artist.
Both are creative finding a way out of boredom.
each person responding everywhere in a different way, directed by the temperature , light and sound and smell .

I wonder if there is a difference in generations .
I believe balance will always find its way .

What kind of knowledge do you have ?
Is it your own experience or
did you read books?
what motive do you have?

Is conflict , on any scale , created and does it produce our creativity ?
What is the differents beween artists , professors, or anyone ?
Do you want people to be open minded ?
Do you teach them?
Are you open minded ?

Where do artist move to and why ?
How do they than find work in this environment
and how does that influence their work?
So what is the actual purpose of artists ?
How clear is our perception ?
What possibilities does the title Artist give you ?
Give someone random the title and let him talk ….
any difference ?

Global City - Local City